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About The Book

IMG_2426aMy Extraordinary Life is an inspirational, heartwarming and motivational anthology revealing a challenging journey of my life.  I was born missing both legs and one arm, likely the result of thalidomide.  

This is the story of my life from birth through childhood, artificial limbs, surgeries, high school, college, employment, dating, marriage, and everything in between.  There are discussions on what not to do when you meet a disabled person and how to react when children awkwardly point.  I offer some observations on how to get through days that are not so fun.  This book will show readers how living with disability is simply a lifestyle—it doesn’t make one courageous, brave, or heroic. Disabled people are very good at knowing what they can and cannot do.  Knowing these limitations helps one look at the bright side of things and make life meaningful and useful.  Readers will learn how to embrace life’s trials and pains because, quite simply, there really is no alternative.  This book evokes the true meaning of hope and endurance.  It also expresses positivity and acceptance.

My Extraordinary Life is a deeply inspirational non-fiction book that is very well written, eloquent and confident, offering a great spiritual adventure. Readers of all ages will surely be delighted and inspired through the expressive and enlightening pages of this book.

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  1. Mary L. Ball says:

    Your book sounds like an inspiration that will bring about a change in someone’s life, whether disable or not. Congrats and blessings.

  2. New to your blog. Stumbled upon it browsing the web. Keep up the great work. I am hoping you update it regularly.

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